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IMG_9712Everybody will enjoy our gym. It is equipped with the professional exercise machines of the premium level, which built with the last scientific achievements in biomechanics.
There are cardio and weight zones in the gym. Everybody will find the sport programs for themselves.

The Cardio training zone is presented with the TRUE cardio exercise machines (USA) for reinforcement of the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system and fat burning. The
TRUE exercise machines are the professional cardio equipment which combines the sport traditions and technology for last 30 years. This machine line was constructed for the United States Navy.

    • Banked run track – is good for the overall body-conditioning IMG_9688and physical endurance training.
    • Stationary bicycle – is good for physical endurance training, fat burning and recovery after the injuries. It is also recommended in case of varicose.
    • Stepper – imitates the going upstairs movements. It trains legs and pelvis muscles which is good for cardiovascular system reinforcement and joints. It is also recommended for people with arthritis and arthrosis.


  • Elliptical machine – exercises on this machine involve almost all muscles of a body due to the IMG_9739movements which close to the natural walking and jogging movements. Together with that there is no extra load on a spine and joints. It is good for the overall body-conditioning, muscles trainings, cardiovascular system reinforcement and recovery after the injuries. It is also recommended for elderly people.

The Weight zone is presented with the Impulse professional exercise machines. Impulse is a world leading producer of the sports equipment and the main details distributor to Cybex (USA) and StarTrac (USA).
The good conditions are provided for the trainings on the plate load machines, free weights, benches and squat stands. This machine line is constructed for the training the muscles of breast, shoulder building, biceps, triceps, abdominal muscles, hips, sura etc. All exercise machines are suitable for men and women from a beginner to a professional.
Besides the classical weight machines our Fitness Studio is equipped with the new-comers that have just started appearing on the world and the Ukrainian market. Among them is a Krankcycle (USA) which is for the shoulder building, the muscles of hands, breast and back. It trains up to 50% of muscles of the body.

The Krankcycle is the innovating machine able to burn 9-11 calories per minute. It was created by the spinning creator Johnny Goldberg.

The Krankcycle is also suitable for disable people.

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