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System Sport




The “Adam & Eva” Fitness Studio creates all conditions for the regular and professional trainings. There are several programs for the system sport:

1. Gym is the complex approach to the body building. Due to the exercises on the different machines (cardio and weight) you can:
- Build all muscle groups of the body;
- Correctly build the muscle mass (for example, the couch consultations on the classical approach or on the basic exercises; or which antagonistic muscles you need to involve in the training, etc.);
- Create the beautiful body for women;
- Constantly train for the professional sportsmen: preparation for the competitions and the classification standards.

2. Roll Evolution is the equipment for the lymph drainage massage which is very useful for those who keen on sport. Due to the stimulation of the blood flow and lymph efflux Roll massager reliefs the muscle tension after the trainings which is important for the professional sportsmen. The manipulations on the Roll massager help in case of muscle sprain, strengthen the connection tissue, care about the vessels and excrete the waste products of metabolism.

Contraindications of Roll massager using

- Tumor;

- Viral and bacterial diseases;

- Heart rhythm disorder, hypertension;

- Veins disease, thrombosis;

- Kidney disease;

- Pregnancy;

- Postoperative period including induced abortion;

- Periods.

3. Fitness  – the constant fitness trainings will give many benefits for you and your health:

- Beautiful body shape due to the correctly trained muscles;

- Physical endurance and activity increasing;

- Improvement of the body posture and walk;

- Together with that all complexes will disappear!

 4. The professional sport nutrition  is an additional help for the growth of the muscle mass. It is also a resource of the vitamins, the minerals and the nutrients. During the intensive trainings the body needs more minerals and nutrients. If the body does not receive them, the trainings will exhaust the muscles and the body tissues. The lack of the nutrients and the vitamins you can fill with the food (containing many proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins) or with the sport nutrition (protein cocktails, creatine, carbohydrates, fatty acid, vitamins and minerals). It is better to combine them in your daily ration.

In our Phytobar you can find the professional sport nutrition of the European and the North American producers. It is good for men and women according to the personal trainings needs

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