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Kurinnoho Chornoty 2, build. 4


SPA – STUDIO “Garden of Eden”140223__orchid-pink-orchid-flower-stone-black-smooth-droplet-macro_p

Massage is an ancient form of healing that restores balance in the body and mind by soothing aching muscles, easing tension and de-stressing. At SPA – STUDIO “Garden of Eden”, the serene peaceful environment will allow you to relax your mind and body.  Treat yourself or someone special with the gift of relaxation and restoration of balance.

For your own well-being, we only use delightfully scented natural products. Let yourself be overwhelmed by a feeling of well-being and be lulled by the calming atmosphere and the relaxing music.

SPA – STUDIO “Garden of Eden” may be the solution to a stressful everyday life. Take some time off and let yourself be pampered in a cosy environment.

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