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The Programs For The Relaxation:

1. The Salty Room – the Natrium, which is a part of salt, keeps the osmotic pressure in blood and other liquids, helps to transport the nutrients inside the cell. The relaxation and the respiratory manipulations in the Salt Room improve the well-being, increase the working capacity, relief the stress, decrease the tense on the cardiovascular system and improve the psychological state.

2. SPA Zone: The massages stimulate the nervous system activity, improve the metabolism and the blood circulation which provides the nutrients to the body organs.

Start the manipulations from the Heating Room and then try the shower-massage “Rain falling”. Such contrast procedure relaxes you, reliefs a stress and takes off the weariness.

Try our new Philippine Shells Massage. The heated shells have the healthy effect on the body:

- relax the muscles;

- stimulate the blood circulation;

- relief a stress.

Or try the Stone Massage. The procedure is done with the black and white stones (basalts and moonstones) and it helps to:
- Care about the autonomic nervous system work;

- Neutralise the negative energy;

- Tune the psychological state.

3. The Fitness Yoga  – the relaxation through the work with the body. It is aimed at stretching, improvement of the joints, ligaments, the respiratory exercises. The most important here is the stretching and relaxing of the spine. The Fitness Yoga helps to:
- increase the energy and activity specially in case of seated activity;

- relax the body and the spine;

- combine the stretching and the respiratory exercises with the self-concentration;

- stimulate the internal energy.


4. The Fresh Juices – do not forget how perfectly the fresh juices tone up. They reinforce the immune system, full the body with the energy. Keeping the maximum of the healthy elements they normalise the emotions and renew the body after the active training or the tough day.

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