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Membership Rules

Dear clients of the “Adam & Eva” Fitness Studio we kindly ask you to read these Rules. Our cooperation on following the Rules will ensure the safety and comfortable conditions for the trainings.

І. General Rules
1. Client is a person registered at the Studio Administration and has the intention to pay for the services according to the price list.
2. Every client is a full member of the Studio with all rules and responsibilities.

ІI. The Fitness Studio attendance
1. Please put on the boot covers when entering the Studio. When changing the clothe leave the boot covers on the street shoes. Put off the boot covers when exiting the Studio.
2. The clothes: it is necessary to have the changing shoes and clothe (the upper body must be covered) for the trainings. For your safety it is forbidden to train without the footwear or in socks, or flip-flops. The exceptions are the special classes (for example, pilates, yoga, etc.) – at the discretion of the couch.
3. The clothe must be clean.
4. It is not recommended to use the toilet water with the strong smell before the trainings.
5. The personal hygiene: it is necessary to follow the hygienic and body aesthetic standards. If necessary take a shower and change the training clothe, use the towels.
6. Please be quiet: it is forbidden to speak loudly and aggressively, to say dirty words and to do anything that may disturb other visitors.
7. It is forbidden to use the music or other technique of the Studio.
8. It is forbidden to attend the Studio in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or other intoxication. All Studio premises are for no smoking.
9. Any public agitations not agreed with the Studio Administration are forbidden. Under the public agitation we understand the promotion of any materials, advertising with the political or commercial purposes.
10. The sport equipment must be put in the special zones after the training.
11. The Studio clients are financially liable for loosing or damaging the equipment.
12. Without the Studio Administration agreement filming and photography are forbidden.
13. The training should be finished 15 minutes before the closing time. Access to the Studio is allowed 1 hour before the closing time at the latest.
14. The Studio Administration and personnel are not responsible for the personal stuff left without attention.

ІII. Group Classes Attendance Rules
1. To avoid any injuries it is an obligation to pass the induction meeting where the Trainings Rules, Safety Policy and other information are explained. Without the induction the couch and the administrator are allowed not to give the access to the class.
2. Please be on time for the group classes: it is forbidden to start the class later than the group without warming-up. It can be dangerous for your health. If you are late for 15 and more minutes you might not get the access to the class.
3. It is forbidden to use the mobile phones in a fitness room, because the break during the training is bad for your health. The phone calls may disturb the couch and other visitors.
4. Please do not chew the gum during the training!
5. The sport equipment must be put in the special zones after the training.
6. The group classes are scheduled.

VI. The Gym Attendance Rules
1. Before the training a client must read the Safety Policy. It is obligatory to follow the Safety Policy.
2. Please be polite: give a place to others if you do the set on the training machine.
3. After using the free weights put the plates and dumb-bells into the special zone.
4. If you do not know how to the change the weight on the training machine, please ask the couch. Do not change the weight yourself.
5. If somebody does the exercises on the dual adjustable pulley, ask him/her if it would be suitable for them if you join.

VII. The Individual Trainings Rules
1. The attendance time: when training with the personal couch it is needed to schedule the time in advance. Please be on time.
2. Cancelling the training: of you need to cancel the training or change the time, please inform you couch and/or the Administration not later than 12 hours before the training. Please follow this rule!
3. Contraindications: please inform your couch about any health problem you may have. Same exercises and/or manipulations can injure your even more. Before training we do not recommend smoking, drinking coffee or alcohol.

VIIІ. The Fitness Studio Rights
The Studio Administration reserves the following rights:
- To change the couch and schedule;
- To change and update the Studio Rules; all new Rules change the previous ones;
- To cancel the membership of a client who breaks these Rules and the responsibility of payment for the services.

The Studio Administration wishes you the pleasant rest and the effective trainings!

Safety Policy
1. The training on the machines:
1.1. Before the exercise check if all control units (stoppers, locks) are in proper to the Safety Policy state.
1.2. If you do the exercise first time, do it under the couch control.
1.3. It is forbidden to change the weight on the machine in the moment if exercises.
1.4. When doing the exercises, it is forbidden to touch the moving parts of the machine.
1.5. Go round the moving machines (run track, elliptical machine, etc.) with the distance of 1 m.
2. The training with the bar:
2.1. When training with the bar, use the lock to prevent plates moving.
2.2. Upload the bar taking off the plates evenly from each side.
2.3. Carry the plates of 10 kg and more one by one.
2.4. Leave the grips in the special zones on the stages. Do not leave them upstanding near the walls.
3. Do not step on the soft bench cover and do not put the equipment on it. Use the towels when exercising on the machines.
4. When doing the exercises, keep the distance of 1 m from other visitors.
5. When lifting and carrying the plates or dumb-bells it is recommended to keep the weight on the lower press level with the two hands. Do this straight-backed.
6. When training with the maximum weights, use the safety belt. Ask the couch to spot you.
7. It is recommended to drink water during the training (up to 1l) specially in a hot season.
8. Please do not chew the gum during the training!
9. In case of any injuries immediately ask the Studio personnel to give you the first aid.

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