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Health Improvement



Health Improvement Programs of “Adam and Eva” Fitness Studio:

  • Cardiovascular system promotion; More
    1. The Cardio zone with such exercise machines as the horizontal bicycle, the stepper, the elliptical machine and the krankcycle allows to:
    - care about your cardiovascular system;
    - reinforce the work of your heart;
    - improve the blood circulation;
    - train the muscles of the body;
    - load your body within measure.
    Please pay attention that the horizontal bicycle is good for people suffer from varicose.
    2. Besides the Cardio training zone we recommend the Fitness. The “Mind Body” Trainings (pilates, fitness yoga, functional training, strip plastic) are slowly, aimed to work with the deep muscles forming the muscle corset. They are concentrated on the stretching, respiratory exercises and relaxing and stretching the spine.
    3. “The Garden of Eden” SPA provides you with the next programs:
    The Shower-massage “Rain falling” relaxes you, reliefs a stress and takes off the weariness. It tones you up with the contrast water streams and cares about the cardiovascular system.
    The massages of Philippine Shells or Stones have an effect on the body, because they:
    - Stimulate the blood circulation and vessels work;
    - Relief a stress and nervous system;
    - Relax muscles.
  • Improvement of the respiratory diseases and allergies treatment efficiency;More
    1. We recommend the speleotherapy manipulations in the Salt Room (also known as the speleomedicine or halotherapy). This is a non-drug therapy of the disease prevention and rehabilitation in the conditions of a salt mine.
    Salt microclimate is useful in case of the bronchopulmonary pathology.
    After the manipulations in the Salt Room the next results are expected:
    - improving the content of the respiratory organs;
    - activating of the expectorating;
    - decreasing the bad bacterial population including the pathologic one;
    - inflammatory process decreasing;
    - increasing the number of T-lymphocytes which regulate the immune system.
    The therapy efficiency of the salt manipulations reaches 85-90% of cases. Specially good results are among children – 90-100% of cases!2. When suffering from respiratory diseases and for their prevention we recommend the “Mind Body” Fitness (pilates, fitness yoga, functional training, strip plastic). The trainings are slowly, aimed to work with the deep muscles forming the muscle corset. They are concentrated on the respiratory exercises and relaxing and stretching the spine.

  • Joints improvement;More
    In case of arthritis and arthrosis it is necessary to do the regular exercises for the joints. An everyday walk or swimming is something that trains the body carefully.
    “Adam & Eva” Fitness Studio recommends you the next programs:
    1. Exercises on the cardio machines: stepper and horizontal bicycle. These machines imitate the walk and cycling – the efficient exercises that load your body within measure. It is important to understand that it is necessary to train the muscles which are responsible for joints work. Such training reactivates the blood flow and the metabolism in the injured joint.
    2. SPA manipulations are also recommended.
    In case of joint diseases the contrast environments have a good effect on health. The Heating Room is recommended where humid air is heating to 60°C, and after it – the shower-massage “Rain falling”. This rotation takes away the pain and inflammation around the joint and stimulates the immune system to fight with the disease.
  • Recovery after the injuries;More
    Several programs are recommended to recover after the injuries:
    1. The Cardio zone, specially exercises on the elliptic machine, stepper, bicycle and krankcycle which return you in a usual fit because they:
    - train the cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
    - train all muscles of the body;
    - imitate the natural healthful movements: walk, jogging, going upstairs, cycling;
    - load the body within the measure allowing to increase the number of exercises every time.
    Pay attention that the krankcycle is also good for disable people. It is for the shoulder building, the muscles of hands, breast and back and it is good for the cardiovascular system. It trains up to 50% of muscles of the body.
    2. The manipulations on the Roll Evolution massager are also recommended. It is the equipment for the lymph drainage massage and has many benefits:
    - it is the perfect preparation before the training: it activates the blood flow and warms the muscles;
    - due to the blood flow and lymph efflux stimulation it takes off the muscle tension after the trainings;
    - it helps when muscle sprain;
    - it strengthens the connection tissue;
    - it improves the vessels.
    Contraindications of the Roll massager using:
    - Tumor;
    - Viral and bacterial diseases;
    - Heart rhythm disorder, hypertension;
    - Veins disease, thrombosis;
    - Kidney disease;
    - Pregnancy;
    - Postoperative period including the induced abortion;
    - Periods.
  • Immunity improvement and disease prevention.More
    The system sport is recommended for improving the immune system and preventing the diseases:
    1. Gym: choose the optimal training combining the cardio and weight exercise machines:
    - Cardio machines promote the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, train the physical endurance and burn the fat;
    - Weight machines help to train the muscle mass.
    2. Fitness. You can choose any fitness training:
    - The “Mind Body” trainings (pilates, fitness yoga, functional training and strip plastic) are aimed to work with the deep muscles forming the muscle corset which is responsible for the body posture and the health of the spine (it is also recommended for scoliosis);
    - The Active program or the aerobic training (jumping, dance aerobics, step aerobics and tae-bo) is aimed to burn the fat and to lose the weight;
    - The Body Sculpture (power or anaerobic training) is aimed to work with the muscles of the body.
    - The Interval training combines the aerobic and power trainings to burn the fat and to build the muscles.
    3. The manipulations in the Salt Room are the perfect prevention of the flue, allergies and lung diseases. Salt strengthens the immunity and clean the respiratory organs. The rest in the Salt Room takes off the headache and improves the working capacity.
    4. Phytobar is a resource of the vitamins and the minerals! Here you can find the fresh juices, the herbal tea, the milk cocktails full of the natural vitamins, the minerals and the nutrients which are so important for the body. The oxygen cocktails and smoothies have many benefits as they:
    - reinforce you if overworking;
    - rehabilitate the body after the intoxication;
    - fill the respiratory organs and the blood flow with the oxygen;
    - improves the work of the intestinal tract;
    - strengthen the immunity;
    - decrease the risk of the cardiovascular and cancer diseases;
    - protect the body from the stress and premature aging.

You can always rely on the couch-recreation therapist who can advise you the trainings and the exercise machines. The couches will control your health and if necessary will check the blood pressure and well-being during the training.

Please advise your doctor on which exercises you can do before choosing the training type.


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