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Individual Programs


Everybody who has the individual wishes to the trainings or such health conditions when you need the personal approach, can ask for the Individual Programs.

During the individual training the couch works with you personally. They care about your physical state during the exercises and together with you they are interested in your sport results.

Before start you will be asked to take the health test to estimate you physical state at the moment, to identify your needs and goals and also to know if you have/had any illnesses that must be taken into consideration when choosing the Individual Program. It is very important to be honest with the couch and tell about the old injuries and illnesses if any.

All Gym Couches are the professional sportsmen who have the relevant education and took further trainings. What is the most important is that they live to be the sportsmen. You can be sure you will be trained by the Professionals.

Additionally be informed that the couch-recreation therapist has the experience in the recovery after the severe injuries programs.

All SPA and Body Evolution instructors are the professional doctors who have the higher Medical education and took the further professional trainings to work with the Studio’s equipment. There are no doubts that the experienced specialists will care about your health.



!!! If you are interested in the Individual Programs, do not forget to book the time slot for meeting the Senior Couch to create such Program for you!!!

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