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Oxygen cocktails, oxygen smoothies, milk cocktails and herbal tea are the great reasons to visit the Phytobar of the “Adam & Eva” Fitness Studio. The drinks are good after the trainings or for those who look for healthy products.

Oxygen cocktails and smoothies, are made from pure oxygen, licorice root and natural fruit and berries juices. They fill in the immune system,IMG_9858relief a stress, force the metabolism and improve the function of the cardiovascular system.

Fresh juices keep the nutrients, vitamins and fresh fruit taste due to the preparation on the auger juicer. Low Speed Juicing System prevents oxidation, keeps maximum of the healthy elements and allows juice to be stored for up to 48 hours without degradation.

Natural herbal tea and milk cocktails give the natural vitamins and calcium.

You can also find the professional sport nutrition in our Phytobar. The products are presented by the world-leading producers from Europe and USA. It is good for men and women according to the personal trainings needs.

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