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IMG_9474We invite everyone for the energetic fitness classes. Fitness couch will suggest you the optimal class type. You will feel comfortable while training and will keep fit effectively.
The “Adam & Eva” Fitness Studio provides you with the following fitness programs:

1) Mind Body – the program is aimed to train the deep muscles which are responsible for the muscle corset. Such trainings stabilise the nervous system. The classes are slow, aimed to train the spine and to relax. The Mind Body program includes pilates, fitness yoga and the functional training.

Pilates is for beautiful body posture and for beautiful walk. The trainings are good if you have a backache.

IMG_9495Fitness Yoga – relax through the work with your body. It is aimed to stretch and to do the breathing exercises, to reinforce of joints.

Functional Training – is the easiest class, because it is based on the simple exercises which any person does very day. 



images (2)Strip plastic dance   is a combination of a dance and the plastic movements aimed at stretching and forming your body.


2) Active program (aerobic training) is aimed to burn the fat and to lose the weight. It includes jumping, dance aerobics and step aerobics..

Jumping is the latest offer for Ivano-Frankivsk. During the training you will burn up to 30% of the fat due to leaps on the jumping platform

Dance Aerobics – is an aerobic training with the help of different dance styles.

Tae-Bo combines aerobics and the martial arts movements. Such training is good for the fast fat burning (600-800 kcal).

Step Aerobics is performed on the Reebok Easy Tone Step.

3) Body Sculpture (power or anaerobic training) – the muscles building for those who want to have the strong body.

4) Interval training – combines the aerobic and power trainings to burn the fat and to build the muscles.

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