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Body Evolution


Roll Evolution, Vacu Evolution, Vibra Platforma are the new equipments able to do a revolution of your body and health. Visit the “Adam & Eva” Fitness Studio to try the power of our innovations!

Roll Evolution is the equipment for the lymph drainage massage. The manipulations on the Roll will improve the body shape, renew your skin, will care about the vessels and will excrete the waste products of metabolism.
Due to the effective stimulation of the blood flow and lymph efflux Roll massager reliefs the muscle tension after the trainings which is important for the professional sportsmen.
The massager also has the collagen lamp which stimulates the biological processes in the body. It improves the skin structure and its elasticity, the small wrinkles go away, the metabolism improves.
One of the main reasons why the Roll massagerIMG_9590is so effective is that the results are long term. The extra fat does not appear again after the complex of manipulations.
Together with that you can enjoy the colour therapy during the massage. The colours affect the psychological and physical state.

Vacu Evolution Evolution is the equipment for the health care and body shaping. Vacu Evolution combines the exercises in the vacuum with the infrared rays, electric stimulation, aroma therapy, colour therapy, ionisation IMG_9632and collagen treatment.
You jog on the run track inside the capsule where the part of a body is in the vacuum pressure. The vacuum stimulates the blood to the problem zones. At the same time the infrared rays warm your body and widen the vessels improving the blood and oxygen circulation. It causes the fat burning and toxic material disposal. The manipulation also improves the results after the training in a gym.

Vibra Platforma is the equipment for the body modelling. The machine works on vibration which stimulates the muscles contraction (up to 50 times per minute); reacting on the vibration the body fat particles attack each other and burn; the blood circulation is stimulated and provides the energy for the whole body. Because of this the intended results of weight loosing and cellulite reduction can be reached faster. The 30-minutes exercises on the Vibra Platforma are equal to the 2-hours trainings in a gym.

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