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For fans of the tanned skin the “Adam & Eva” Fitness Studio proposes the new technologies of tan from Italy. Our services are new for Ukraine.

Self-tanner That’so Sun Makeup is an innovative modern beauty concept. Starting from today you can get tanned and care about your body at the same time. The tan has instant, even and bronze colour which stays up to a week on your skin. Do you need to look gorgeous at the party, wedding or to be prepared for the beach season? The self-tanner That’so will open its benefits for you: an intensive tan colour, the smooth and moisturised skin and the pleasant natural perfume.

The brand That’so Sun Makeup uses the patented MicroCore technology of an autobronzer – the electrostatic system, which attracts the atomised solution directly to the body, beautifully and evenly. The ultimate delivery system for self-tanner allows an application time of just 6 minutes for an intense and natural looking tan.

The That’so Sun Makeup lotion:

  • Evenly sticks to the skin providing it with the naturally looking effect which takes off without the dark spots;
  • Contains natural components: aloe vera and sugar cane;
  • Almond aroma is perfectly suits for everyday;
  • Is safety for the pregnant ladies and the new mothers;
  • Passed the clinical trials and does not contain alcohol;
  • Does not leave spots on the clothes.

The self-tanner is sprayed with the special Spray Gun in a cabin. The personnel of our Studio took the special trainings at “Cosmo-Trade” Education Centre, Kyiv.

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