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Kurinnoho Chornoty 2, build. 4

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    Body Evolution

    Roll Evolution, Vacu Evolution, Vibra Platforma are the new equipments able to do a revolution of your body and health. Visit the “Adam & Eva” Fitness Studio to try the power of our innovations

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    “The Garden of Eden” SPA

    It is important to have an opportunity to relax and recuperate after the hard working days or the active rest. “Adam & Eva” Fitness Studio provides the high quality conditions for relaxation and bode care.

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    For fans of the tanned skin the “Adam & Eva” Fitness Studio proposes the new technologies of tan from Italy. Our services are new for Ukraine.

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    Oxygen cocktails, oxygen smoothies, milk cocktails and herbal tea are the great reasons to visit the Phytobar of the “Adam & Eva” Fitness Studio.

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    Salt Room

    Salt has a positive effect on the respiratory organs; it improves the efficiency of allergy, respiratory system and thyroid treatments. The salt manipulations are specially important nowadays for the children’s disease prevention and health care.

Welcome to “Adam & Eva” Fitness Studio!

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Everybody will enjoy our gym. It is equipped with the professional exercise machines of the premium level, which built with the last scientific achievements in biomechanics.

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We invite everyone for the energetic fitness classes. Fitness couch will suggest you the optimal class type. You will feel comfortable while training and will keep fit effectively.

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Salt Room

“Adam & Eva” Fitness Studio has restored the miraculous effect of a salt mine. The Salt Room bricked with the real mine and sea salt creates the microclimate necessary for the speleotherapy.